Patient Testimonials

Teton Oral Surgery,
Thank you all so much for making a “scary” and embarrassing procedure feel painless and dignified.  I also loved having Tino there in the waiting room.
January, 2018

Dear Dr. Swanson,
Thank you very much for making time to help last Monday.  I appreciate your skill and talent in removing my broken tooth.  You made me feel comfortable as possible.  I appreciate Matt’s assistance too.  It was a blessing you were the one to help me with this tooth trouble.  Thank you again for helping me.
Best Regards,
October, 2017

Dear Teton Oral Surgery:
Thank you for your excellent care given of my daughter LS while removing her wisdom teeth.  I really appreciate your care and kindness, especially since I was not there.
Warm regards,
February, 2017

Dr. Swanson and Staff:
Your thoughtfulness means so much more than words can ever say.  Thank you for all your help with my recovery.
January, 2017

Dr. Stern,
I just really wanted to say thank you for taking out my wisdom teeth with such ease.  I was dreading the day after all the doomsday scenarios I had been told by others.  I appreciate your professionalism, confidence and comfort you offered.  The whole ordeal was way less uncomfortable than I had imagined it to be.  I survived!  Thank you so much and wishing you all the  best.
Kind Regards,
July, 2016  

From Google Reviews:

I called in as an emergency patient with an infection in the bone due to dental implants. Kate was so amazing to talk with and put me on the phone with Dr Stern. He offered me to see him that day Tuesday at 230. By Thursday he had spoken to my Dr in Arizona and had me in surgery by 10am Thursday morning. This place has the most calm, organized and compassionate Oral surgeon I have ever been too. I have not had a single ounce of pain since surgery. I feel absolutely amazing and I believe it is because Dr Stern is a world class Dr! His staff simply amazing and that dog Valentino made my morning when I walked in for surgery. I have several dental phobia and felt so comfortable from the moment I walked in. Valentino the office therapy dog bring so much peace…he is such a lover!! Helps you forget why you are there.

Thank you Dr Stern and Kate and the entire staff for having such an amazing practice..

May 2016      

To Dr. Stern and Company:
Thank you so much for making everything as pain free as possible.  It is greatly appreciated!
A and CB
May, 2016

Dear Dr. Stern and Staff:
Thank you for being so good to us. You are so talented and such a great surgeon and we feel blessed to have you take care of our children and our patients.
Dr. and Mrs L
March, 2016

Dear Dr. Stern,
Thank you for making time in your busy schedule to see our daughter G, who was visiting Jackson after wisdom tooth removal in Salt Lake. You treated her dry socket and made a world of difference in how she was feeling. We greatly appreciate your kindness.
The T Family
October 6, 2015

Dr Stern–
Thank you for coming to our rescue!
L and DD
October 3, 2015

Dear Dr. Stern and Bridget,
As I reflect on our year and visit to Jackson Hole, even though our daughter had the misfortune of developing the abscess, we continue to feel thankful that Dr. Stern was there for her. Thank you again for your kindness (to agree to see her after my Saturday morning phone calls), compassion (to come in to the office on your day off to see an “out of Towner”) and skill (we felt confident that she was in capable hands). You have made such a positive impression on our family and we are truly grateful that you were there to “save” our family vacation. Also want to thank Bridget for working with our insurance company.
December 5, 2014

Thank you so much for checking on this insurance for us. I am so impressed at your thoughtfulness to get this to us so quickly and to do all the research. I haven’t ever had a doctors’ office communicate so well with us before. I truly appreciate it!
H and I will see you on Monday at 7:50am
Sincerely, H’s Mom
August 2014

Bridget and Dr. Stern:
Thank you so much! You did a great job on J. We are all happy now.
July 2014

Dear Dr. Stern
I am eternally grateful to you for your kindness and expertise. And I am doing well thanks to you. I still do not have a dentist. Would it be possible for one of your staff to get a name or two to me? I forgot the cards that you gave me when I was in your office.
My deepest thanks to you.
July 2014

Dear Dr. Stern
Its already been two weeks ago that I had the snowmobile accident which led into your care. I just want to let you know that I couldn’t have asked for a better oral surgeon at my bedside. I am healing well and you knowledge and craftsmanship got complimented by your colleagues here at Vanderbilt.
Wishing you the very best and always and forever thankful to you and your team.
February 19, 2014

Dear Dr. Stern
 I wanted to sincerely thank you for your wonderful care and attention while I was in Jackson. The rinse with steroid healed the sores in my mouth in record time. I admire your treatment of your patients. I’m sure they realize how lucky they are to be in your care. 
Merci beaucoup!
January 27, 2014

 Dear Dr. Stern
Thank you very much for the more-than-professional care I received in your office on Oct. 11. I appreciated the brief conversation we had prior to my treatment as well as the interaction with your staff. However, the highlight was the warm if not wet greeting I received from Valentino!
 Most sincerely,
October 24, 2013

Dear Dr. Stern and Staff:
I certainly had an enjoyable time having surgery to remove that “thing” on my cheek, and this is because of your kindness, interest in me, and your great sense of humor. I hope that I won’t see you again. Ha! Ha! If I do, I will look forward to it. I’ll recommend you too.
Yours truly,
Lander, WY September 2013

Dr. Stern:
I just wanted to thank you for a jobwell done! I was honestly never in any pain, I did not get bruised or get any dry sockets! You did a fantastic job and I think very highly of you. It was great meeting you and I wish you all the best.
August, 2013

Dear Dr. Stern, Boone, Bridget and the gal in the blue outfit:
It is now going on day 4 since the surgery. I have had no need for any pain relief; I feel the ends of the stitches and a little tenderness around the impacted area. Called on Tuesday and expressed my satisfaction with your office, your staff and the overall performance of the procedure. As of now, I feel that everything is under control and I’m happy! I wanted to thank all of you and want you to note my gratitude for these modern services.
June, 2013

Dr. Mike and Bridget,
It was great seeing you again, and I LOVE my new teeth! Though every time I leave the house I still look to make sure that I have that darn flipper. I will have to come up with a nice ceremony to bid it my farewell to it.
Thanks again, all of you!
April 2013

Dr. Stern:
I cannot express just how grateful I am for what you did for me. I am so thankful!!! You are such a wonderful person.
Biggest thank you from the heart.
January 2013

Dear Bridget:
Thank you for keeping track of what was going on with our insurance for our son’s visit to your office this past summer. I made an attempt, but it was very confusing and they never deleted the incorrect information from our web account-which made it more difficult. Hopefully they’ve learned something and will handle it better for your office in the future.
Again, our appreciation for your time and efforts.
Nov 9, 2012

Dear Dr. Stern, Staff, Bridget and last but not least Valentino:
Thank you for the outstanding care you gave to our mom! She is recovering remarkably, no bruising, minimal swelling and not one pain pill. This household thanks you over and over again.
The H family
October, 2012

Dear Dr. Stern:
We really appreciate your willingness to help us when we needed medical care for four daughter. We will never forget how you opened up your office for us on a Saturday and drained her abscess. Without your professional help, we would have had to leave Jackson and miss out on our wonderful vacation.
 I only hope that I can help others as you have helped us.
The M family.
September 5, 2012

Dear Dr. Stern and staff:
 Just a quick not to thank you for your kindness in caring for my daughters pain while we vacationed in Jackson Hole. Because of you, the pain was gone and we had an amazing time in your beautiful town. May you be blessed.
Sandy and Michalea R
August, 2012

Just wanted to let you know that Jack is doing great. He did not require any pain management (advil or hydrocodone) after 10 PM on Monday.!! He is continuing with the antibiotic as directed.
I think that is amazing!!!
Thanks so much for the great surgery and service.
 Jack’s Mother
August 15, 2012

Dear Dr. Stern,
We are so incredibly grateful for the wonderful care received by you and your staff in treating my injury! It was a blessing to us. Best regards!
Colleen & Perry F.
July 25, 2012

Dear Dr. Stern
We want to thank you and your staff for the kind way you received us when we needed professional help. It is evident that you have the patient’s best interest at heart and are willing to go the extra mile to insure proper care is planned. Best wishes to all of you and we’ll stop by to say hello next summer when we travel West.
Bud G
July 13, 2012

Dear Dr. Stern,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note expressing my sincere appreciation for your help this past Monday. Obviously, Pete S. in the clinic in Teton Village was right when he described you as an “excellent physician and great man”. After your treatment I have has absolutely no pain anymore and the swelling started receding soon. My wife and I got home without any issues yesterday. Today I saw your colleague Dr. S here in Ridgewood, and he removed the drain within a few minutes. In the next days I will get my root canal done (a first in my 56 years) and can then hopefully move on. I was also going to have a conversation today with my regular dentist but she is on vacation.
Despite my little incident I have to say we loved the few days in the Tetons. Although we didn’t ski as much as we planned to we really enjoyed our stay. We will definitely try to come back at some time soon. And of course we will then enjoy the German/Austrian food at Stiegler’s Restaurant. Not sure though we will pay your office a visit then……….
Thanks again for your help and your overall treatment!
P.S. I hope not too many people are going to see the picture you took of me
Best Regards/Mit besten Gruessen,

Dr. Stern,
Thank you for making an unpleasant procedure, pleasant !
BW 2/2011

Dear Michael, Joel and Bridget
God’s grace and peace to you. I thank your for your caring concern and compassion that you showed me with my recent dental problem. I have a “dreadful” fear of going to a dentist and you all helped relieve that for me. May you continue your compassionate giving to your patients and friends.
Peace and love, PG

Dr Stern,
I just wanted to say thanks again for all you did for TJ. I felt like we were going nowhere at the hospital and when you stepped in things started going in the right direction.
Thanks again, LJ

Dr. Stern,
Hope everything went well with your knee surgery. It was so nice to meet all of you on Friday. Thanks for taking such good care of my brother and allowing me to be part of the excitement. You guys are great!! Thank you to everyone. This is your time to take good care of yourself and to remind yourself how special you are.
EE from Dr. M’s office 5/2010

Dear Mike,
Thanks for seeing me so quickly a few weeks ago re: a follow-up to a wisdom tooth extraction. I am grateful for your assistance and I appreciate your professional courtesy. Good luck on your knee.
Best,TD 3/2010

Dear Dr. Stern,
Thank you to all who were involved in T’s surgery. I don’t know how he feels, but it was a fun experience. Thank you ! T healed so well – slight swelling, no bruising, and no dry sockets. I know this is largely due to your skill and gentleness.
 Thank you!-BS 2/2010

Dear Dr. Stern,
I wanted to extend our appreciation for the kind and caring manner that you not only treated my daughter but also myself. She has been doing great.
Thanks again,
JH 8/2009

Dear Dr. Stern:
Thank you for making me feel better and making me laugh like a hyena!
Dominique (age 9) 4/2009

Dr. Stern,
Thanks for getting my wisdom teeth out as quickly as you did. The wounds healed nicely and it did not hurt for long. I was glad that my problem did not ruin my bike trip in the Tetons.
Judith from the Netherlands.10/2009

Dr. Stern,
Thank you Dr. Stern and your nice-efficient help. I am so glad Dr. N. gave you such a good recommendation and your lady attendants were delightful. I am doing fine so far but tired of my diet. Oh, I was disappointed that you did not sing for me.
Sincerely, Mary G. 8/2008

Dr. Stern,
A quick note of many thanks for putting time aside to see my husband last week while we were on vacation in Jackson Hole. We really appreciated all your help. He felt so relieved after our visit and for the time being, his tongue has stopped bleeding and we have not had to call the doctor at Ohio State. We appreciate your kindness and professionalism.
Susan and Ken D. 8/2007

I didn’t find out all of the details of Allison’s snowboarding accident until after I spoke with you on the phone sometime ago. I hadn’t heard yet that Dr. Stern drove her back to the hotel from your office and reprimanded her chaperons for leaving her without any way back, telling her to take a bus in an unfamiliar town. Please thank Dr. Stern for us! It was very kind of him to help her out like that, (especially on a Sunday afternoon).
She has healed well and is anxious to get snowboarding again next year.
J and LV, St Croiz Falls, WI 6/2007